We want to help you reduce your consumption of single use plastics

Our mission is to make the plastic-free, zero-waste lifestyle as convenient as possible.

Plastic production and the resulting pollution is having a detrimental impact on our environment. We currently dump more than a garbage truck of plastic into the ocean every minute, infiltrating the living systems of our entire planet.

Recycling alone cannot undo this; reducing consumption through better products is key.

Every pound, dollar, and euro you spend is a vote for the world you want to live in. We want to give consumers the simplest means of pushing for a more sustainable future.

We have carefully-tested and curated a selection of zero-waste alternative consumer goods. We focus on sourcing plastic-free, minimally-packaged alternatives to disposable, single use plastics and implementing buy-for-life and reusable products wherever possible.

If you have other products that you sell or wish we supported please email us at help@unwrpd.com.